Getting That Unique Wedding Photos For The Special Event

An important requirement for the wedding day is the presence of a professional South Carolina photographer to capture beautiful photos of you and your spouse. This is the day which is quite significant as both of you will be looking great, and this provides a great opportunity not to be missed. If you are looking for something different for your wedding photographs, there are few considerations that,  if followed, would ensure some classic photos of the bride and the groom.

Use your wedding venue

If your wedding venue is something unusual like a winery or golf club, try to include images of these places into your photos. You could picture you and your spouse sipping a vintage drink while sitting on a barrel within a wine cellar or teeing off at the first hole. Depending on your wedding venue, you are sure to find a quirky side to use the place in your wedding photos.

Try unusual angles

Don’t stop from asking your photographer to capture photos from unusual angles. One idea that makes a difference is to take your photo from right under the cake while you are cutting it so that it seems to be captured from within the wedding cake. Similarly, if the exchange of rings during the ceremony could be photographed with the camera capturing from above, the image would look wonderful.

Add a touch of glamour

There is a growing trend in having photo shoot wedding pictures as more and more brides want photos that are found in glossy magazines instead of the traditional bridal poses. Why not have attitude and pouting during photo capturing instead of gazing into the eyes of the husband lovingly?

Forget it’s your wedding

For something quite different, you could capture you and your spouse in your wedding dresses doing something different like washing up, waiting for the bus, or doing some shopping. These images add a touch of humor to the photos and show the lighter side of the event.

Let something else take center stage

You could get photos of something quite different with you and your spouse watching from a corner of the picture. It could be your wedding car, your wedding venue, or even some of your guests in the middle of the photo, while the two of you kissing in a corner in a happy mood, as if blissfully not aware that a camera is capturing the incident.

Get moving

Nowadays, there is an inclination towards wedding photos and the presence of movement adds a zing to the photos captured. So it could be jumping, dancing or you being thrown in the air by your spouse; there is a growing popularity of action shots from static portraits. Action shots are better used for group photos of the groomsmen or bridesmaids.

Mix photo media

The development in photo technology has made it possible to add all kinds of special effects. However, to get portrait which is simple, fashionable and elegant, it is better for the South Carolina photographer to get them printed in black and white with some of the features in color like the bouquet.


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