Selecting the Right Style of Wedding Photography When Hiring Photographer

As the date of the wedding is set, you go for booking the venue and start shopping for dresses and other items. One important consideration that you make is to look for a Columbia SC photographer. However, it needs mentioning here that there are varied styles of wedding photography that are being followed, and which people in the industry might be well aware of, but couples might find them quite confusing. Remember, the selection of your photography style as well as the types of wedding photographer which together could have different demands on your time on a special day.

While selecting the style of photography for your wedding, there are three things that you need to consider. What is the style of photography you prefer, how long you could spend your time with a photographer on the day of the wedding, and most importantly, how comfortable you are in front of the camera and your personality, which should be considered?

In the world of photography, you would come across different buzzwords, some of which are editorial, vintage, contemporary or artistic. More confusingly, there are different styles adopted by different photographers. Hence, it makes sense to do enough research and ask a good number of questions before hiring a photographer, and also to check full set of wedding images from different weddings. You should not make your final decision based on five or six shots from different weddings. It is a compromise between fantastic work of photographer and following a timetable that finally decides the right wedding photography style. A photographer might produce vivid images, but if the time taken to get the result is inordinately long, you probably might lose the experience.

Traditional (or Posed) Wedding Photography

A belief exists that traditional wedding photography is a collection of staid images where everyone in the frame looks stolid. Moreover, the collection of people seems to be everywhere. There could be a trend to be down on the traditional photography, but for most of the wedding photographers, the working framework remains the same.

A trade-off exists between the working style of the photographer and the time for capturing the images. The time taken for setting up and achieving the formally posed photographs will be longer. The photographer working to create posed work would require some time to bring out the best work. When interviewing a photographer, it is necessary to find out the time required to produce his work and find out how this would fit into the day. Some photographers spend few hours on formal shots. Hence, it would do well for you to have that time on the wedding day. For those of you who are not comfortable in front of the camera would find it difficult with this type of photography. A good photographer may come to help by keeping you at ease but it could turn out to be daunting for many individuals.

Vintage Wedding Photography

In recent times, vintage wedding photography style is becoming popular, but it sometimes becomes hard to quantify. Vintage could be taken to mean anything taken from old film cameras in some wedding to a different style taken after production to create digital files with a ‘vintage’ look. It needs mentioning here that if files of pictures are received that are heavily edited in some style of photography, there are chances of the photos seeming dated within a couple of years. Why not ask a vintage style photographer to provide some of the wedding shot on film? It would do well to ask questions to the photographer, and find out the samples of work done, and then finally make an informed decision.

Reportage Wedding Photography (Wedding Photojournalism)

Reportage wedding photography is the opposite of traditional wedding photography. It works on capturing moments in the wedding day, and is more of a documentary of the moments. In this form, the Columbia SC photographer spends the greater part of their time capturing moments, remaining in the background and is the reason for this style becoming quite popular with couples. Weddings are becoming less formal with time compared to what they used to be. It should be noted that documentary wedding photography requires a different skill set compared to the traditional photography and hence the correct background of the photographer needs to be correct, and the full weddings need to be shown to back up this skill.

In wedding photojournalism, it is the complete set of images captured all through the day than a set of few highlights that matters. However, you could come across photographers who would get on to the bandwagon of latest trends, but still, follow the old style of photography. It is the right anticipation and to capture at the right place at the right time that is the essence of wedding photojournalism. The style does not require closely directing people, and that puts many traditional photographers out its style. Many photographers exist who use the latest buzzwords to get better rankings in search engine results but still, follow the same old pictures. For those who are reticent about the kind of photos taken would find wedding photojournalism as the right choice to go for. The photographer captures images without you realizing it and that makes you look at your natural best.

In spite of these two approaches seeming to be poles apart, in most of the cases, wedding photographers will shoot photos with a blend of these two styles of photography. The fact remains that many wedding photojournalists shoot some formal photographs while some traditional wedding photographers shoot informal photos. When discussing, ask each photographer what proportion of each they prefer to shoot, and better still, what they mostly prefer to shoot.

Artistic or Fine Art Wedding Photography

This style of photography is an evolution of the traditional style of photography, with the availability of contemporary taking on the traditional style of posed photographs, though it would do well to do some research before settling on this style. It is possible to create moving romantic images, though the same poses could be overused by some photographers that would seem to be a bit impersonal. Ask the photographer to show you lots of shoots, and add your own ideas at the time of your pre-wedding meeting.

Editorial Wedding Photography

This style of photography resembles the glossy magazines, with some of the fantastic high-end images being generated by the wedding event. To produce this quality of images, the photographer needs to be highly organized, and sometimes need an assistant as well for setting up advanced shots, though this is determined by the style of the photographer. Before going for this style of photography, you need to do some research to determine the time that is needed for this style of photography to actually fit in with your wedding plans. If this style is preferable to you, but you don’t want to spend so much of your time on a special day, you could book for a separate photo session after the finish of the wedding. This would help you to get the photographs of the wedding day that you would love without losing your precious time of your wedding day. This also helps you find the right time of the day after discussing with the photographer and you have the chance of rescheduling in the event of raining outside. High-end wedding photography in many of the countries like the US is evolving towards three types of photo shoots – the engagement, the wedding day, and an editorial session. Not all have to be done in a single day itself.


When searching for Columbia SC photographer, you would come across many styles that these photographers practice, but it makes sense to look beyond buzzwords and take a hard look at the portfolios. After all, it is the competence that remains as the hallmark of a good photographer who you would prefer to hire. It is the experience, professionalism, and personal service that ensure quality photography on the wedding day, and the consistency and ability of the photographer to handle the different conditions that the wedding day presents. There must be a good balance of shots all through as the wedding progresses. Find out the time they would take to capture those formal and couples shots and find out the amount of time you can give happily. It is planning and communication before the wedding that is important to get the best results in an efficient way.


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