A Guide to Hiring Professional Columbia SC Photographers for Weddings

The essence of weddings is always magical and special. It takes quite a lot for photographers to capture the chemistry and bond between a bride and a groom. Thus, while searching for professional Columbia SC photographers for wedding images, there is a lot to keep in mind if you truly want the wedding photographs to come out great, crisp, unique and lively.

There are different types of wedding photography styles that most professional Columbia SC photographers get involved with. When you hire expert wedding photographers in Columbia SC from companies such as Charlie Mather Photography, you are entitled to receive a wide range of standard as well as value-added wedding photography services. Wedding photography is not just about clicking pictures of the bride and groom on their wedding day. Instead, to ensure that Columbia SC photographers provide something unique to couples and make the celebration more special for them, professionals even do pre-wedding shoots, bridal and engagement photo shoots, post-wedding photographs and more.

To ensure that you receive the best services and get your wedding captured in the form of stunning, crisp, and clear images or even high-resolution videos, it is highly important that you hire a professional Columbia SC photographer who specializes in wedding photography and videography and can capture the rarest wedding moments for you to cherish with your spouse lifelong.

Types of wedding photography styles that are used:

  • Digital– Digital is the most common way of shooting as it takes very less time to produce images. Depending on your photographer, you could see snaps just days after your wedding. Digital cameras can shoot in very low light, which is a great advantage when you’re photographing an afternoon-into-evening wedding. Because digital cameras have a display screen, your photographer can preview shots and adjust accordingly. A digital photographer is considered to have more freedom in exploring lighting options and angles.
  • Film– Images shot with film have a soft, organic quality to them. Film has a better range, from highlights to shadows, as most professional photographers believe. But shooting with film is more work for your photographer and more money for you to invest in too. In addition to purchasing rolls of film, processing and editing images take time.
  • Lifestyle– Lifestyle photography is a type of photojournalism that is candid and done with some direction and styling. Lifestyle photography is an approachable feel with a relaxed result. A good photographer will look for moments but also set the scene accordingly.
  • Dramatic– Lighting is a key component of dramatic photography. The use of flash, dim light or off-lighting is a great way of displaying photographers in a unique light can help bring different perspectives to light. When choosing your photographer, look at one or two full weddings similar to the one you’re planning.
  • Documentary – Rather than posed or highly styled shots, documentary photography captures candid or spontaneous pictures of people, decor, and action. Documentary photography basically covers anything in the moment.

Keep the following things in mind while hiring a wedding photographer in Columbia SC:

Quality of images

The quality of images should never be compromised on. The aim behind hiring a professional wedding photographer is to get stunning photographers and outstanding documentation of your wedding. Therefore, when you invest in such professional photography services, the quality of the images must be outstanding and this must go without mentioning to your wedding photographer.

Photography style

Determine the type of style that your wedding photographer usually uses, and check whether you actually want photographs to be taken that way. There are different types of wedding photography styles that professionals follow. Thus, en quire about the type of wedding photography that they practice and don’t choose unfavorable styles that don’t match to your tastes or preferences. Go with the style you like best. In the case of clarity, you can ask your photographer to show you some wedding images in different styles and you can decide on the photography style that you want the images in.


Your photographer must have a professional approach, no matter how free or flexible you are in nature. Your photographer’s professional attitude and approaches will greatly determine the efficiency of job and the quality of images that you will receive. Also, hiring someone with a professional experience and attitude is a great way of reducing redundancies as they are more equipped with dealing with emergencies that do not stop a photographer from capturing photos.


Check your photographer’s portfolio or other wedding photography jobs done for clients in the past. A professional photographer must have an outstanding portfolio to show to their clients and that which adds more credibility to their work and professional attitude. If your wedding photographer has still been unable to create a portfolio of all his projects and tasks, then you can definitely find someone who is better and has more experience and expertise in wedding photo-shoots.

Things to do before hiring a wedding photographer:

  • Ask for references – Getting referrals from trusted friends and colleagues is a great way to start your search for a professional. You can also ask the photographer to provide testimonials from their past customers.
  • Do some research – Browse wedding photographers to find those you like who also fit your budget. Research the wedding photographer cost of other professionals in your area.
  • Meet them once– You will be working and coordinating with your wedding photographer not only on your wedding day, but they’re usually the only vendor you have to deal with after your wedding is over. It’s important to hire someone you like and feel comfortable with.

Hiring the right photographer in Columbia SC is a great way to get outstanding wedding images and videos captured. By partnering with the right photography service provider, such as Charlie Mather Photography, you can also receive extra services that can add more value to your wedding moments.


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